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DeBy Birth Stool-Birth Stool

DeBy Birth Stool <br /> Support-birth stool fromBy, from Holland. Helps childbirth and birth. Elegant design In the low countries, the cesarean rate is less than 7% and vertical delivery is the norm. It is robust, lightweight, stainless steel. Designed simply for the comfort of the working woman. It promotes births and a faster and more natural birth and thus helps prevent a birth by exhausting. The birth support of Bin is different from other seen or used birth chairs, in which he supports the inclined forward position, with gripes that add other vital dimensions to the idea of ​​the birth chair. Its light and open design allows the midwife or doctor to have easy access to the woman and the baby for birth, surveillance and emergency maneuvers. Being stainless steel is perfectly adaptable to water births. Brand new! Dimensions 39 cm long x 42 cm tall x 47 cm deep. (Price again: 320 Euros transportation) <br /> Birth Support-Birth Stool <br /> <br /> http: // www / categories / itempage.asp? prodid = deBy Birth Support-Birth Stool <br />

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